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3 Tips Homeowners Can Use To Prepare For A Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

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For homeowners with good basic skills and tools, taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach can be an excellent way to make home improvements at a fraction of the cost. This is especially true for larger-scale improvements, such as when adding a concrete patio or driveway to your home.

But unlike smaller concrete needs that can be met by mixing a bag of concrete with water in a wheelbarrow or large tub, pouring driveways and patios will require several yards of concrete. While hand-mixing is possible, it could take days of hard work to mix enough for large jobs of this nature. Instead, homeowners may want to consider ordering delivery of ready-mix concrete. In addition to convenience, the custom blending of concrete ingredients in premixed concrete offers a more uniform surface when cured. 

If you are planning to pour your own patio, driveway, or another concrete improvement, using the following tips will help you get even more value from your ready mix concrete delivery. 

Plan carefully to ensure order size

Having too little concrete to finish the job is a common problem that homeowners can face when ordering premixed concrete. To avoid that risk, homeowners will want to layout their project and measure carefully before making the order. The premixed concrete delivery company will be able to help with converting the measurements to the correct yardage of concrete before placing the order. 

Plan ahead to adjust for the weather

Attempting to pour concrete in bad weather conditions can have disastrous effects on the quality of the finished project. Instead of taking this type of chance, homeowners will want to pay close attention to the weather forecast as the time for the project nears so that rescheduling the delivery can be arranged, if needed. 

Decide on the mode of transfer 

In a DIY project setting, it is important to make a plan for getting the concrete into the project forms. If the truck can be parked close to the site, the driver can use hoses or other equipment on the truck to direct the concrete to where it is needed.

If the delivery truck cannot get close enough to the site, homeowners will need to have wheelbarrows and helpers on hand to move the concrete from the truck to the project's forms. 

Premixed concrete deliveries can shorten the time frame needed for home improvement projects while also helping to improve the quality. To learn more, contact a ready-mix concrete delivery company in your area.