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5 Ways To Use A Screen Enclosure To Get More Enjoyment From It

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If you're thinking of getting a screen enclosure, you may be wondering if you would get much use out of one. In fact, you can use the enclosure during many months of the year depending on the weather. Here are some ideas for getting maximum enjoyment from your screen enclosure.

1. Use It For Outdoor Dining

While you won't want to grill inside an enclosure, you can use the space to set up a dining room outside. If you have extra space to dine, you might even convert your indoor dining room to a family room or hobby room to maximize the functional space in your home.

So long as you have a solid roof put on the enclosure, you can use the outdoor dining room even when it's raining. You can have outdoor lights and even a ceiling fan added to make the room more comfortable to use.

2. Surround A Hot Tub With A Screen Enclosure

You may want to use an enclosure with a screen roof if you put a hot tub in it. A screen roof lets light in, giving you more visibility, and makes it possible to soak in the tub while staying safe from mosquitoes. You can also put a screen enclosure around your swimming pool so you can swim in the evenings and not have to go indoors due to pesky insects.

3. Create A Garden

You can grow many plants and vegetables in a screen enclosure. You may need to also add grow lights since the screen can block some of the sunlight plants need. Growing vegetables and herbs in your screen room allows you to keep some bugs out while having convenient access to fresh food to cook with.

Keeping your plants in a screen enclosure also keeps them safe from larger pests like raccoons and rats. You can have your enclosure built with a screen strong enough to keep clawing animals from getting through.

4. Create A Catio

If you have an indoor cat that likes to bask in the sun from windows, you might turn your screen enclosure into a catio. Be sure to have a type of screen installed that cats can't claw through. You could add a kitty condo and elevated walkways for your cat to enjoy. Place the enclosure next to your home and install a kitty door in your door, wall, or window to allow your cat to go directly in and out of the house when they want while staying safe in the enclosure.

5. Use The Enclosure As A Game Room

You may want to set up an outdoor television, bar, and table for playing cards. By planning out the materials for siding and roofing the enclosure you can protect your property from inclement weather while still incorporating fresh air and a pleasing outdoor view. With proper lighting, you can even use the enclosure at night. A fan can keep you cool in the summer and a patio heater can warm up the enclosure during the winter. You can use the enclosure when you invite friends over to enjoy sports games or use it to play board games for family bonding and to get your kids away from device screens.