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The Homeowner's Solar Panel Installation Guide To Choosing The Right Equipment For Complete Energy Systems

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If you are looking for ways to slash your rising energy costs, now is a great time to consider solar energy. Rather than just the panels, though, it is worth investing in a complete energy system, but what's the difference? A lot, actually, especially if you are looking to save money on your electricity bills right now.

Solar panels, in some form or another, have been around for decades. But an explosion of interest in climate change has shown many homeowners that they can become "prosumers" and slash their rising energy costs by generating clean solar energy. Now, you need to know more about what you can do to add solar panels with a complete energy system for your home.  

Choosing the Most Productive Panels (And Other Renewables)

When selecting solar panels for your home, there are also a lot of choices. The two main choices when it comes to solar panels are polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. Each of these has benefits, and you might want to use one, the other, or both depending on your home's energy and aesthetic needs.

Polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels

First, polycrystalline panels are a great option if aesthetics are not as much of a concern for the look of your home. These are made from silicon that is melted together and can be a highly efficient solution for your home. Monocrystalline is newer and made from single silicon crystals, allowing for more aesthetically pleasing energy system designs wherever needed.

Other alternative energies

The solar panels alone may not be enough to add a complete energy system to your home. So, you need to consider other energy systems to supplement the panels. First, there are options like wind turbines for electricity production, which can be aesthetically pleasing with vertical designs. Consider options like solar water heaters and efficient HVAC system designs for other energy needs in your home. A combination of panels and these systems will make your home efficient and allow you to produce more energy to offset the costs of your investments.

Installing the Essential Energy Storage System

The energy storage of your system is crucial to ensure it is productive and can be used to power your home. Thus, you want to consider the available battery technology that can be used for your home's energy system. The best solution is to use a lithium battery system, but this can be costly. Most affordable alternatives to lithium include gel batteries, which have a shorter life but cost a fraction of the price of lithium batteries.

Becoming a Prosumer with Switches and Grid Connections

The biggest benefit of a complete energy system is its ability to produce energy. This can be more energy than what you use in your home, which allows you solar panels to be used as an energy producer for the energy grid. The panels are connected to the grid through the switches and controls at the battery bank.

As you can see, even if you are not sure about the options for solar panels, a complete energy system will pay for itself over time. Contact a solar panel installation service to start discussing the options to ass a complete energy system to your home.