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3 Reasons To Use Insulation Blankets On Your Construction Site

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Removable insulation blankets are designed and fabricated for a wide range of uses. Construction companies can rely on insulation blankets to protect both their equipment and employees from the harmful effects of temperature fluctuations.

In order to recognize the true value of commissioning custom insulation blankets for your construction site, you need to familiarize yourself with the benefits insulation blankets can offer.

1. Protect Valuable Equipment

Most construction companies rely on a fleet of heavy machinery to complete certain tasks on a job site. Machines like cranes, bulldozers, or dump trucks can be costly to purchase and maintain. If you regularly work on job sites where the temperature reaches extreme highs or lows, custom insulation blankets can protect your equipment against serious damage.

Exposure to cold temperatures can cause the fluids within construction equipment to gel. This prevents the fluids from doing their job and puts your equipment at risk of sustaining mechanical damage. Extreme high temperatures can cause your equipment to overheat.

Insulation blankets can be used to protect the mechanical aspects of your equipment against temperature-related damage.

2. Keep Workers Safe

Worker safety is a major concern on any construction site. It's important for a construction company to do everything possible to mitigate the safety risks workers face on a construction site each day. Investing in custom insulation blankets can be an excellent way to help keep your workers safe.

Heavy equipment can generate a lot of heat when used over an extended period of time. This heat increases the ambient temperature in the area around the equipment. Anyone working within this area could be negatively affected by the temperature increase.

The risk of a worker burning themselves on a hot piece of equipment is also high on a construction site. Insulation blankets contain the heat generated by your equipment to protect your workers.

3. Maximize Efficiency

Sometimes heat is required to maintain the efficiency of a piece of machinery. High-temperature piping and equipment found on a construction site should be insulated to help prevent heat loss.

A custom insulation blanket eliminates any heat transfer from the piping or equipment to the outside environment. This maintains a more stable temperature inside the insulation blanket, which can significantly improve the efficiency of the piping or equipment over time.

Your construction company could save a lot of money by using custom insulation blankets to maximize the efficiency of your equipment and piping in the future.