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Key Advice When Seeking Permits For Basement Finishing

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A lot of homeowners have basements, but they're not always finished. There is a good opportunity to renovate these areas by completing them. If you're looking to perform this type of home remodel, you'll need permits, and getting them won't be difficult if you do the following.

Have Drawings Made

The first stage of getting a permit to finish a basement is having drawings made. They'll detail what's going to be done to the basement, whether it's adding roof materials, setting up electrical systems, or adding an HVAC unit. All of your renovation ideas will be put in drawing form and then you can show these plans to the permitting agency that regulates construction in your area.

Just make sure these drawings are clearly readable and have the appropriate labels that show what different systems are. These actions make it easy for regulatory agencies to see what you're going to do, which improves your odds of getting a basement permit approved the first time.

Consult With an Experienced Basement Contractor

Even if you plan on finishing a basement by yourself, it's still a good idea to consult with basement contractors about the permitting process. They can show you exactly what permits you'll need to complete this type of home improvement, as well as the information you'll need to give to be approved.

They can also show you major pitfalls to watch out for, such as not complying with building regulations and not paying the right permitting fees. Ultimately, this contractor advice will make getting a basement permit a much more manageable process.

Comply With Regular Inspections Throughout Finishing 

Even if you're approved for a basement permit to finish it off, you still will need to do certain things to keep it. One of the most important is having the basement finishing project inspected at different intervals. Licensed inspectors need to see that basement finishing is taking place according to code. 

As long as you schedule inspections at the right intervals and make the right decisions based on the feedback they provide, you'll have no trouble keeping your basement permit for as long as this renovation lasts.

If you have an unfinished basement and finally want to finish it to make the space livable, make sure you get the appropriate basement permits. You won't have a hard time with this if you research and potentially consult with basement contractors that deal with permitting—such as RDA Designs.