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Suggestions For Adding A Residential Addition For An Adult With Physical Limitations

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When you have an adult with a physical limitation, you may consider adding an addition to make the house more comfortable for their needs. There are many suggestions that can make the addition functional while making the occupant feel more comfortable with the environment.

Create A Contained Environment

Many adults with physical limitations appreciate as much independence as they can. This means making the addition a contained environment that functions more like an apartment than just another room. You should consider adding a bathroom, kitchen, and separate entrance with its own walkway. Having a separate porch with a ramp can give the occupant their own space to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors. They will feel more like they have their own living space than simply occupying a room within your home. It will be necessary to extend all the utilities to the addition, such as heating/cooling, water, and sewage. Some ways to make this process easier and less costly can include forgoing the HVAC system and installing a couple of window units for AC and a radiator for heating.

Focus On The Bathroom And Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen will require the most focus because there will be many accommodations necessary to make these areas accessible. Even if the adult does not use a wheelchair, you should accommodate a wheelchair in case they need it later. Since there may be limited space, the bathroom does not need both a tub and shower. A walk-in shower is the most user-friendly and it should have a grab bar, seat, and shower head extension. The toilet should be at a height that would allow a person in a wheelchair to self-transfer. It is easy to add a high-profile toilet seat if this would be more comfortable for a person with a limited range of motion in their knees. An island is a good addition to the kitchen area and the island can contain both a sink and range. Give ample space for the person to open the oven door and the refrigerator if they are using a wheelchair. It is best to just focus on a countertop and cabinets under the counter, instead of cabinets that may be difficult to reach.

Integrate Technology

There are many types of technology that will make the environment safer and more comfortable. First, consider installing a generator. If you cannot afford a whole-home generator, just have one installed that will service the extension. Incorporating Wi-Fi throughout the addition will make the environment more functional. Allow the occupant to control many amenities via a smartphone or tablet. This should include adjusting the lights and thermostat. Other features that could be controlled with Wi-Fi can include windows and any window dressings. A smart fire and carbon monoxide detector is a necessity. The occupant should have access to any safety devices that will make them more comfortable with the environment, such as an alarm system, fire extinguisher, and emergency alert device, if necessary.

Creating the right combination of amenities for an adult with physical limitations can be a nice compromise between allowing the adult privacy and independence, while making you feel like they are safe and have help when needed. Ideally, creating a contained environment with many safety and accessibility features is the best compromise. For more information, contact residential addition services near you.