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Broadcast Towers Must Be Painted Correctly

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Cell towers, radio towers, and other broadcast towers must be tall. Without that height, the towers won't be as efficient because they don't have as much range. Part of that is because the ground can cause some power loss. Another reason is that the towers need to be higher than neighboring structures. That is why you often see broadcast towers on top of skyscrapers in cities. The height of the building plus the height of the tower will make sure that lower structures won't block the tower. While the towers need that height, it does turn them into a risk to aviation. This is especially true because the towers tend to be skeletal and thin, making them even harder to see. Safety features need to be put into place to avoid accidents. 

Tower Painting

One of the safety measures put into place is having painted towers. There are strict regulations about how the towers must be painted. The structures must be painted with a series of contrasting stripes. The stripes have to be a certain width, and there must be a certain amount of stripes. Federal regulations also regulate the colors: the stripes must be painted white and aviation orange. The reason for these colors is that they are very bright colors and they contrast well, making the tower very visible.

Weather Protection

The paint on the towers doesn't just make the towers more visible; it also helps to protect the tower from the elements. The towers are generally built of bare steel and are at risk for corrosion from the elements. That corrosion can make the tower less stable. The paint used on the tower is specifically designed to stand up to the elements and keep the tower from eroding. Because the paint needs to be a specific kind and color, it will be more expensive than other kinds of paint, but it is also necessary. If the towers aren't painted correctly, the FAA can issue hefty fines against the tower owner. 

Broadcast towers are an important part of modern life. Cell phones won't work without the broadcast towers, radios won't work, and over-the-air television won't show up. Because broadcast towers are important and have to be built high, it's also important to make sure the towers are safe as well as any planes, helicopters, or other air traffic. Painting the towers in the appropriate colors and style protects air traffic and the towers.

To learn more about tower painting, contact a local construction contractor.