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Scenarios Where You Might Want An Accessory Dwelling Unit

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An accessory dwelling unit is an additional, usually self-contained unit for someone to live within that is located on the same property as a primary or larger dwelling. If you've ever seen a listing for a house that features an "in-law suite" or similar, they were likely talking about an ADU. But why would someone consider constructing an ADU on their property? Here are some of the different scenarios where it might make sense to talk to a local contractor or construction firm about possible ADU building plans.

Your Family is Growing

Do you have teenagers with their own bedrooms but now another child is on the way and you don't have a dedicated nursery? Did you recently mix families with a second marriage and there is no longer room for your children and your new stepchildren? If there will be more kids living under one roof, you may consider giving the older teens their own dedicated space in an ADU that is attached to your main dwelling. You can then give their smaller childhood bedroom to the younger kids who are coming into the family.

You Need to Take In an Elder

Do you have a mother, father, or an in-law who is not capable of fully taking care of themselves anymore? You could build a dedicated suite attached to or near your house so you can be nearby to help with anything they need. At the same time, the dedicated space will allow them to maintain at least some privacy in a space they can call their own.

Dedicated Office or Studio

Is your small business growing and your cramped office in the spare bedroom is no longer enough room for you? Create an ADU on your property and turn it into a much larger, dedicated office for your business. Equip it with soundproof insulation and locking doors and you can ensure that your kids won't accidentally barge into the room anymore when you are on an important business call. This type of setup also works well for anyone looking to make a music or video studio. You can crank up the sound without disturbing others in your house because you'll be apart from the main dwelling.

Short-Term Rental Opportunity

Some homeowners today are building an ADU as an investment opportunity. Short-term rental sites are popular. Get your new dwelling up and running with everything someone on vacation or business trip might need. Plug in a mini-fridge and include a dedicated bathroom and you can essentially rent out something akin to a hotel room right on your own property and make money over time.