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Five Reasons To Install An Asphalt Driveway

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Are you in need of a new driveway for your home? You're likely well aware of the various materials you can use to create a new driveway but may feel overwhelmed by your options. Asphalt can be a great choice for a driveway due to the following reasons you may not be aware of.


A key benefit of having an asphalt driveway is that it is extremely durable. This is due to how asphalt is a flexible material capable of withstanding extreme weather and heavy loads. The asphalt will expand and contract as it goes through the various seasons, and won't have issues with heaving or cracking. This makes an asphalt driveway less prone to potholes and cracks, which will result in a driveway that lasts a long time.

Long-Term Cost

It's possible for asphalt to save you money over time. While the upfront cost of installing an asphalt driveway may be high, you must think of the long-term cost of the material. There is minimal maintenance required to have an asphalt driveway, and its longevity means that you won't need to replace an asphalt driveway any time soon. This can help you save money over time due to all the costs associated beyond the initial installation.

Curb Appeal

An asphalt driveway can provide significant curb appeal to your home, which will enhance the overall look of the property. The surface is black and sleek, which provides a modern and clean look that can complement a modern style home. In addition, asphalt can be customized with colored seal coats or stamped patterns to create a very unique look.

Easy Installation

The installation of asphalt is going to be quick and easy when compared to other paving materials. The installation process involves preparing the base so that it is compact, then applying an asphalt mixture on top. With the proper expertise and equipment, you'll find that an asphalt driveway is installed quickly. It minimizes the downtime that you will have without using your driveway so that you can get back to parking in your garage.

Easy Maintenance

There is not much that you need to do to maintain an asphalt driveway. You can power wash the surface to keep it looking clean and occasionally apply a sealcoat to protect the surface. If damage does show up on the surface, it can easily be patched to prevent the crack from getting bigger.  

For more info about asphalt, contact a local company.