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Learn Why a Certified Roofing Contractor Should Inspect Your Roof Once Every Year

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Your home is one of the largest financial investments you make in your lifetime. In addition to the mortgage, you have to spend money on insurance and maintenance costs. The roof is among the parts that require proper maintenance because of the sensitive roles it plays. One great way to take good care of your roof is by ensuring a certified roofing contractor carries out professional inspections, even if it's once a year. 

Sadly, most people overlook the need for roof inspections and only act when their roof deteriorates or develops major problems. If your roof is inspected once yearly, you won't have to deal with aggravated and costly roofing issues. Here are the four main reasons why a professional roofing contractor needs to inspect your roof annually.

Inspections Help Locate Water Damage

Water damage is one of the worst issues you can experience as a result of a poorly maintained roof. Usually, the damage is typically quiet and can go on for seasons before you notice something obvious like a stain on the ceiling or a damp patch on the wall. When inspecting the roof, the roofing contractor will check the shingles, flashing, attic, and other internal parts of the roof to determine whether they have any signs of damage. They will also check the ventilation and insulation in the attic. If they find mold and mildew, they will do the necessary repairs to protect your home from further water damage.

Inspections Simplify Insurance Claims

After inspecting the roof, the roofer will give you a comprehensive report so you can know your roof's condition. As a homeowner, it's good to know that the condition of your roof can have a huge effect on your insurance claims. That's why you should follow the roofing contractor's recommendations after the inspection process and make the necessary adjustments. 

In many instances, the insurance companies will need a roof inspection report before they offer you insurance cover for a newly acquired home. Also, when a calamity happens, and you have to ask for compensation from your home insurance company, the reports will come in handy. The insurer will read the report to understand the damage and the urgency of the repair. 

Inspections Make the Roof Durable

Roof inspections can increase the life of your roof. Most roofs deteriorate and even collapse because of a lack of proper care and maintenance. Typically, it's hard to know how you could increase your roof's shelf life if it's not inspected yearly. Annual inspections capture developing problems such as malfunctioned ventilation, damaged flashing, and other weaknesses. When repaired on time, your roof gets restored to its initial condition, which increases its lifespan.

A roof that's inspected yearly will be more efficient, and it will be in perfect condition for a long time. However, the inspection process is often risky without the right skills, and that's why it's best left to a roofing contractor.