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Talk To Your Siding Contractor About Choosing Steel Siding For Your Home

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If you're comparing options for new siding, talk to your siding contractor about steel siding. Steel might be a good choice for your home that has advantages over wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Here are some things to know about steel siding.

Steel Siding Has An Attractive Appearance

If chalky white metal panels come to mind when you think about steel siding, you should know that metal siding has come a long way. Metal siding comes in several attractive colors, including popular, trendy colors.

Plus, you can buy metal panels made with textures that look like wood grains so the siding looks like painted wood. However, you won't need to scrape off old paint or put new paint on the steel siding, which means it needs far less care than real wood.

You can mix steel siding with brick or other siding for an enhanced appearance. However, steel siding is attractive when used as the only siding on your home.

Steel Is Durable And Has Long Warranties

Steel siding is strong, so it doesn't dent as easily as aluminum siding. It also resists cracking and warping like vinyl siding. Plus, it doesn't rot or decay like wood. This means you'll have fewer repairs to make. The only thing you may need to do is wash the siding occasionally to keep it fresh and looking like new.

Steel is especially suitable for homes in areas that get frequent storms. Thick steel siding provides protection against high winds and objects thrown against your house during a storm. However, this siding is also appropriate for dry climates too. If you have concerns about how well steel matches your climate, get advice from your siding contractor. The panels also resist hail damage and fire, so your home has the best protection possible.

High-quality steel siding has long warranties for your peace of mind. When you're talking to your siding contractor about your options, be sure to discuss the warranties that come with different types of siding, their lifespans, and the expected maintenance each type of siding requires.

Steel Can Be Recycled

A nice benefit of steel is that it can be recycled and used over and over. Your steel siding may be made from recycled metal, and when your siding is removed, it can be recycled again. This could make steel a good choice if you try to be environmentally conscious.

Steel siding has several good points, and appearance is important too. Look at siding samples or other homes your siding contractor has installed steel siding on so you can see how it looks. You may find the appearance is appealing and would be a good match for your home considering its long-term value once it's installed.