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Are Glass Shower Enclosures Safe?

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Today, bathrooms are seen as elegant spaces that require sleek, minimalist finishes to complement the home's décor. Homeowners are choosing to install glass shower enclosures to allow more natural light inside, create a spa-like experience, and keep the bathroom feeling airy. 

However, even with the added benefits, homeowners are still concerned about safety. Every time you deal with a glass, you'll always have to worry about it shattering. 

How Sturdy Are Shower Enclosures?

Glass shower enclosures typically feature tempered glass, which is stronger than annealed glass. This is the same glass used in airplanes and automobiles. Such glass doesn't break easily; it requires serious effort to break it. 

If you manage to break the tempered glass, it shatters into small pieces, unlike ordinary glass, which breaks into large shards. Smaller pieces are easier to handle and clean up if it breaks. Also, small granular pieces will have little to no impact on any pets or people nearby. 

Are Glass Shower Enclosures Safe for Kids and Pets?

Yes, you can install glass shower enclosures in homes with kids and pets. However, ensure you work with a reputable contractor who will install high-quality glass shower enclosures. Ideally, you want a shower enclosure made of tempered glass and high-quality compression hinges. 

Once you have sorted the material and workmanship part, you'll need to set some ground rules. Glass shower enclosures are sturdy, but it doesn't mean that you should let your kids play around them. 

Ensure that your kids and pets know they can't play in the shower enclosure. Remind them they can't hit the enclosure or do anything else that might shatter the glass. If they follow the set rules, your glass shower enclosure will remain intact for years, and no one will be injured. Also, caution your kids against hanging on the towel bar and swinging on the doors. 

Preventative Measures 

Although glass shower enclosures are safe, you'll have to take several measures to ensure this safety. For example, you'll need to take proper care of your shower enclosures to avoid glass shattering and any resulting injuries. 

Ensure you close the shower enclosure gently instead of slamming the door. This will prevent glass shattering associated with door slams. Also, don't hit your shower enclosure with heavy or sharp objects. Check your shower enclosure for signs of chips, cracks, and if the glass drags, adjust it immediately. 

If you install high-quality tempered glass and follow the precautions discussed above, your shower enclosure will last long. For more tips, contact a bathroom remodel service.