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Ways Of Protecting Your Roof From Hail

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Ice falling on your roof can cause severe physical damage to different parts of the roof and weaken its structural composition over time. Hail storms can cause cracking in the shingles and expose the roof's fiberglass to destructive weather elements.

Severe hail storms can also damage the protective layer below your shingles, resulting in leakages. In case your roof is damaged by hail storms or harsh weather conditions, make sure you consult a roof hail damage repair service. Here are some ways you can protect your roof from hail.

Investing in a Hail-Resistant Roof

When replacing your old roof, consider installing a roof that will endure severe weather conditions like hail storms. Though durable roofing materials are costly, they are a significant investment to avoid storm damage.

Some types of shingles are capable of enduring hailstones. These shingles are usually made from aluminum, copper, plastic, and resin. Since these options are costly, you can opt for modified asphalt shingles, which are affordable and provide the same benefits.

Address Trouble Spots

If you notice any roof damage from the ground, consult your roof contractor for immediate repairs. Some trouble spots you should be keen on include damaged flashing, cracked, curling, or missing shingles, and bald spots.

These roof issues worsen with time, so you should address them to protect your roof from hail damage. If a hail storm hits while your roof is damaged, you can expect it to wreak havoc. Afterward, you will have to replace your roof because it will be destroyed beyond repair.

Trim Overhanging Trees

Another way to secure your roof against hail is to trim overhanging branches. During a storm, tree limbs can break loose and fall on your roof. Thick tree limbs can pose a severe risk to your roof. Apart from trimming these overhanging branches, remove old, diseased trees from your yard. If these weak trees were to crack and fall on your roof during a hail storm, they would cause irreparable damage.

Clean Gutters

Many homeowners tend to neglect their gutter systems. Gutters are capable of damaging the structural integrity of your roof. If you don't remove debris from your gutters, it can cause severe damage to your roof.

Make sure you drain your gutters before and after every storm. For minimal maintenance, invest in a gutter system with gutter guards. These features filter out dirt and debris from your gutters, making them more efficient. Improper gutter maintenance leads to water buildup, which causes mildew or mold. Besides damaging your roof, mildew and mold can cause severe respiratory conditions.

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