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Foundation Repairs: Should You Stay Or Leave Your Home?

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A foundation is a literal foundation upon which a home rests. For this reason, foundation issues are a serious matter that requires specialized repairs. Given the foundation's role, some homeowners question whether they can stay home during the repair process or if they need to leave. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but some guidelines can help you make your decision.

Safety Concerns

One instance when homeowners are suggested to temporarily leave their homes when repairs are being made is when there is a safety issue. This designation is most often applied when a home has severe foundation issues, and there is a serious concern that any movement to the ground around the foundation could cause the foundation to shift. Typically, homeowners have repairs performed long before the issue reaches this status, and if it is an issue, the repair professional will undoubtedly relay this information to you.

Convenience Issues

Sometimes, deciding to stay in the home while foundation repairs are being performed comes down to convenience. For example, for extensive repairs, the crew may need to dig out the soil around the foundation, which will require large equipment and ground disruption. If you work from home or have pets that need to roam outside while repairs are performed, you might consider leaving while repairs are performed. 

Modern Technology

Thanks to modern technology, foundation repairs are not often nearly as invasive as some homeowners imagine. Consider a home with settling issues, for instance. Foundation repair professionals can use specialized equipment to install pillars around the foundation to help prevent future settling issues, all while causing zero disturbance to the inside of the home. Make sure you speak with your repair team to learn more about your repairs.

Homeowners Insurance

Anytime it comes to a repair to your home, it is always a good idea to review your homeowner's insurance policy. Depending on the specifics of your repair issue, you may be able to have the repairs performed under the policy. If the repair is covered, there might also be a chance that temporary accommodations will also be covered while the home is being repaired. Speak with your insurance company to see your options if you prefer to leave while repairs are performed.

Your repair team will help you determine which route to use for your foundation repairs. Be sure to ask questions to ensure all your concerns have been addressed.