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A Look At Copper Gutter Installation

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If your home needs new gutters, and you want something different and eye-catching, consider having copper gutters installed. Copper gutters are more expensive, but they have a unique look since they aren't very common. You can keep the copper bright and shiny or let it develop a lovely patina. Here's a quick look at copper gutter installation.

Copper Gutters Can Be Seamless

Seamless gutters are always a good choice, and you can find seamless gutters in copper too. You'll probably have fewer problems with leaking since there won't be any seams in the long troughs. Seamless gutters are a little more attractive too, since there is no seam visible. Seamless gutters are extruded on your property from a roll of copper and made to the exact length of your home. In addition to the seamless troughs, the system consists of end caps, hangers, elbows, and downspout.

Pieces Can Be Soldered Together

If your gutter company doesn't provide seamless copper gutters, they should be able to join sectional gutters together with soldering to create a handmade seamless trough. The end caps can also be soldered on to create a gutter system that has no leaky joints. Other metal gutters are joined together with an adhesive that can dry out and crumble. That's why sectional gutters have a reputation for leaking, while seamless gutters don't. Copper gutter installation can be done with soldering while other types of gutters can't, just like copper plumbing pipes can be soldered and steel can't. That makes the gutters even less prone to leaking when joints are permanently sealed.

Decorative Pieces Are Available

A fun aspect of copper gutters is you can buy decorative pieces that are stamped or have designs added to them. This further enhances the appeal of your gutter system. Ask your gutter company about your options when it comes to decorative pieces so they can order what you need before work begins on your gutters. You might want a gutter head or outlet with a big star or other design. You might even want a copper rain chain in place of a downspout.

If you have an average house, copper gutter installation should be completed in a day, even though copper is a little more difficult to work with. Copper gutters should last a long time since they don't rust, and they're heavy, so they don't dent easily. If you plan to let your gutters develop a striking green patina, you'll probably need to allow a few years since oxidation requires exposure to the elements. Until then, you can enjoy the bright shiny look of your copper gutters.

For more information on copper gutter installation, contact a professional near you.